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anyone ? kindly drop me a sms if you want to purchase and .
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Friday, December 7

RM160 (32cm) RM140 (28cm) for Happy Call Cook Korean Double-Sided Frying Pan (36cm) - Pressure, Nonstick, Stainless, Detachable

  • Happy Call Korean Frying PanThis non stick, double sided frying pan is the essential tool every cook needs in their kitchen!
  • 3 Layers of CeramicThis 3 layered pan creates speeds up the cooking time all while preventing you're food from burning for a tastier and healthier dish.
  • Easy, Hassle Free & No MessMake cooking easy and hassle free with less clean up time.
Cooking at home is time consuming, messy and complicated. Too often do we take our eyes off the fire for a second and the next thing we know our dish is already starting to burn.

Make cooking fun and easy with this miracle 32cm Happy Call Cook Double Sided Frying Pan. With 3 layers of ceramic to speed up the cooking time of your food, a durable non-stick coating, a patented silicon gasket, and an on-touch magnetic locking button system, this pan will ensure cooking becomes hassle free, faster and healthier. Cook you're grilled food perfectly, and no longer worry about painful and messy oil splatters.

Whether you are planning to grill fish, chicken, beef, pork or to cook a stew or soup, this pan can handle it all! You can even make Chiffon Cake and Sweet Grilled

Item is shipped 07 working days after payment done

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Wednesday, December 5

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p/s - Happy wedding day dear...Congrats!~

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Monday, December 3

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Downline - 2 boxes for her repeat order from her customer

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